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I’m recreating a few levels from Halo, and I have everything mostly worked out, but I need to make it so that you answer questions to get ammo for the blaster, and I don’t know how. Ideas, advice, and other things are welcome. This is a project I’m doing in my free time at school, so I may be able to send a link from about 9:30 to 11ish, but not before or after then.

Use a questioner wire to an item granter:
QUestion answered correctly - Grant item
Ammunition for some weapons:
light shards = zapper , med shards = wooden wand, pml, slingshot heavy = quantum portal, evil eye snowball = snowball launcher
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Thanks, and nice reference.

And also, yes, like @Crimson_Knight said, wire a questioner to an item granter.

Thanks. Hopefully i’ll be able to make more maps like the one i’m working on.

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