**Questioning** Gimkit

why can’t you get rid of weapons on the sentrys? i wanted to make a selling system😭

This isn’t allowed here, the forums aren’t meant for suggestions.
My guess is that Gimkit found getting rid of gadgets as a bug.

Put your suggestions here.

this isn’t a suggestion, it’s a question :grin:

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because they were originally made for attacking players, you can’t take away weapons. However, you can put the sentry on the player’s team and it wont attack. Also you can try hide the weapon by placing small props like cosmetics.

You can put an invisible barrier over the sentry or make the sentry on the player’s team

it’s called implying. And I think we all know what you meant.

ok thanks! this helped alot

thanks too, i will try that out too.

:slight_smile: happy to help!


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the forums have too much arguments these days… ~yall stop arguing~

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Please stop shoving the dictionary in my face. It’s a little rude as your questioning my knowledge of words. I feel like I wouldn’t use a word that I didn’t know.
@THEHACKER120, I posted before I saw your post.

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Please don’t just shove the dictionary to people. It can be a sign of you being rude and high chance of you being flagged.

So, for the question:
Sentries are supposed to just fight you (not when you’re on the same team as them), so it takes the point away if sentries don’t have a weapon


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