Questioner screen won't close on knockout

In my space pirates game, I have chests on another spaceship to loot.

I can’t seem to get the questioner to close on knockout. I’ve tried using wires between the knockout manager and questioner, and also channels. However, when students are knocked out while looting, it won’t close the questioner, and they are able to keep answering.

Is there a better way to force the questioner to close when knocked out?


This would be a bug post and it is due to lag, try using a pop up so when the player dies, the pop up will appear on there screen and they can x it out leaving tehre screen blank to the map.


Thanks! Will test this in a bit.

Edit: This worked. Thanks for the speedy response!

Your welcome, please remeber to mark a solution and let me know if i can help you with anything else.

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