Questioner Help (chars)

How do i make it so when a player enters a questioner, they can’t exit the questioner until they answer 5 questions correctly?

For people asking that this is impossible: It is possible. A game had this.

Huh. How do you even detect if the player answers correctly?
(I might just be dumb)




Wire questioner to counter.

Question answered correctly -> Increment Counter

Okay. Set target value of counter = 5: when taget reached > close questioner.

Yeah, that’s what i did.

But somehow the questioner REFUSES to close.

Make a trigger that when the question answering thing [1] is closed, it triggers a trigger to open it again. Use a counter question answered correctly -> increment counter make the counter have a target of five, when target value reached -> deactivate trigger

Pictures coming soon
Edit: scratch that its not an option lol

  1. is this even an option lol ↩︎

Did you put questioner closed > open questioner? That might be the issue.