Questioner Closing Event

How do i make it so if a player closes a questioner, a counter resets?

I think a simple wire from the questioner to the counter would work (I think there’s a “questioner closed”) option.

it’s ‘reset counter’ but yes

Are the actual questions important or no? Do they each have 4 options?

They are.

One of them is right, all of them (except the right answer) of them is wrong.

firgured it out, wait. I’ll add pictures.

There isn’t a wire for that, I think… Only a channel… I’m not sure.
No there isn’t

wait nevermind, if you want it to close and reset, you could use a channel to close the interface and reset the counter but you want them to manually do it, right?

You can’t. SERIOUSLY. You can’t. That is SO annoying.

What do you mean by manually? Like when the questioner closes by itself?

No, when YOU close it.

Oh, then yeah.

@GimSolver I want them to manually do it.

You actually can’t, @FersionSpeedy

maybe through blockcode or some absurd way, but yeah, IDK

Wait let me check the Q’s blocks…

Nothing. @FersionSpeedy Sorry, but you really can’t do this.

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maybe replicate the questioner using a popup?
Popup closed —> reset counter

You could, but that would be harder. Ad why did you change your PFP again?

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yeah, but it seems like the only option.

@Blizzy, I felt like it, I had it for ~week, for me, that’s pretty long.

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