Questioner bug -_-

so you know how if you input an incorrect kit link in the questioner and it crashes the game?
I copy and pasted the kit link and it crashed regardless I input the kit link and it crashed anyways -- so proof is here
Screenshot 2024-05-03 10.08.03 AM
Screenshot 2024-05-03 10.07.54 AM
it crashed with that same error like I input the incorrect kit link
don’t ask me to email because they’re busy according to a recent email I sent them about a previous bug I assume its because of the update they’re working on
note: this isn’t my game so I cant refresh and reset the questioner because its being hosted rn I deleted the questioner and re placed it there but that didn’t work so I don’t get what I did wrong in the questioner this device hates me for some strange reason now .

maybe try to delete the questioner and insert a new one. or maybe the kit is private

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Are you sure that kit link actually works? Make sure it’s set to public.


mb i didnt read all of it

u have to make it public to input it in the questioner? ARGHHHH whatever brb gotta go

Also, funny that we email Gimkit for literally every bug now, even minor ones. The Gimkit staff be receiving around 50 - 60 emails from students every week at this point.
(most of them probably comes from WolfTechnology, but whatever)


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