Question on new art tag

Art is here!

But I do have a question, is this just going to be used for thumbnail requests, possibly barrier art requests as well.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, is the art task only going to be used only for requests, or could it possibly be its own branch-off of Community Made Guides?

Maybe barrier art could be both if you think about it.

off-topic, what the heck.
it’s for art, not that complicated.

He’s just asking a question. Don’t be rude. It’s not off topic.

This is…odd. It backfired when the community said they didn’t accept it but the mods did.
But now the people who said thumbnail requests should not be allowed are now asking for thumbnail requests.

I believe it’s both, but it doesn’t mean it’ll replace CMGs for art.

uhm ok…

I think art guides will still be in the CMG section, but from now on, just move stray thumbnail requests to the “Art” section.

yes it is.
it’s not about Gimkit creative
it’s about the forums.
that’s off-topic.

Art is new, so it’s reasonable to ask questions about it right now.

it’s not.
you shouldn’t ask questions bout the forums.
it should be building or at least GKC at a minimum
asking questions bout the forums is wrong.
@Fulcrum-19, I don’t not like you, it’s just off-topic.

@KrishnaVA please don’t retaliate. This guy doesn’t like me, and I guess this could be considered off-topic. Lets not get into a fight.

It’s not a big fuss. Don’t worry about it.

if everyone went by that logic.
the forums would be in flames.

No it wouldn’t. You aren’t understanding the words I am typing. I would debate over this more, but I shouldn’t retaliate like @Fulcrum-19 said.

Ok I appreciate that and I get that this is considered off-topic.

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