Question! *its about flaging*

I’m very sorry if this off topic but can you flag a post when you made an acc 10 or more minutes ago

Yes, you can, however, you’re flags won’t be powerful. Every time you reach a Trust level, your flags get upgraded with more power.

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Thank you so much for helping me with my question!

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Also, the more flags you do, the less power they have. This resets in a day.

when i tryed to flag somones post it didn’t let me i was probably just an error

It was handled by the mods or the community flags, and the post was removed so that’s why you couldn’t flag it.

When a post gets hidden by flags, it will only be hidden once you refresh. So if you try to flag it while it was already hidden, that will happen. Also, you may have a limited amount of flags.


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