Question for Thumbnails

So, I am trying to make a thumbnail for my game, I want it rather to be a screenshot or a fanmade picture. Now, if I did the screenshot one. It’s hard for me because I’m on Chromebook. So I take a screenshot but I don’t know how to put it in the thumbnail box, what can I do?

For screenshot, it should be easy bc chromebooks have the screen capture feature so you can select an area of your screen unless your chromebook has never updated.
For getting the file in the box, just open the files app, find the image, and drag it into the box.

edit: were you always a regular, eggnoodle?

use a website to make it a .jpeg as i think thats the image file the thumbnails use

rename the thumbnail to a .jpeg
Then upload it in:


Yeah, I just used CloudConvert for my thumbnails to turn it into a jpeg

Late reply here: I took 50 days to gain TL3, which was around September. Then, went inactive for sometime from January to late February, and regained Regular in late March.

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