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How do you make it so that when three correct answers in a row are answered, it grants an item! Thanks for helping and reading this post!

Have a player-scoped counter that is incremented when a question is answered correctly. Have a target value of three on the counter that triggers an item granted. I would also recommend having something to reset the counter. Do you wan’t me do show this with pictures?

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Yes, please. Thank you!

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  • Questioner
    I’m assuming you have a pre-existing one to use.



Before I mark this as a solution, will I have to do this multiple times or I can just wire the questioneer and item granters the exact same way?

I’m making a Baldi’s Basics sort of game and need it to be in multiple classrooms.

depending on what you want, cause if you just have 1 counter and 1 item granter, you can have 3 different questioners contribute to one item being given (I think)

Oh, no, I want that in each classroom, only one research is given. In separate classrooms.

Then you need a copy of all three for each room :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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