QUESTION! for my game

I have a question, is it possible to make it so players can’t make their vision bigger and they can’t change their speed when they spawn in, referring to when they type in the game C.O.D.E.
it wont let me type code in so I had to.

No, you can’t make your vision bigger in gimkit or change your speed unless you share the c.o.d.e while your editing.

You can’t do this but you can add a spawn pad set to pre-game and the player type that spawns there is players and put it at the edge of the map.
Have a seperate spawn pad for the game host.

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ya, I just dont want them snooping around

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maybe add a teleporter that looks like it teleports you to the game but it brings you back to the edge of the map

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Maybe add text that says if you enter the teleporter you get free gimbucks or something but you have to enter the teleporter 100 times to receive the gimbucks lol.

alright thanks guys!

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i dont get the question

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Np hopefully you manage to figure something out.

but thats funny lol, Heehehehehehe

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ok, my question was that I didn’t want my friends snooping around my maps, they can do that by using player collision and speed, and I don’t want that.

they j0in in when you’re editing your map?

No, they dont, I edit at home

dont give them the j0in c0de?

but I want to make them play it, thats why I make my gims

Once you publish it, you can’t look around using editing options.

oh okay
to solve this problem, go to settings
click “showcase and save”
click “generate showcase link”
this would give you a link that acts similarily to a normal game link, which allows you to test it with ur friends

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ohhhhhHHHHHHHHHH THnanmks maqmamamma

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