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I know that there are many ‘off topic’ posts and was wondering; Will you all make a community chat?
It’ll be able to be auto flagged IF there is any inappropriate language or words but if we were to make a creative world and need help, we get flagged, but the person needs help making the world. What do I do? [Anyways I need help with the world].

Suggestion posts go here:
Anyway, I don’t like the idea of a community chat, as that can be hard to moderate. I believe we had a place to chat on the old forums (correct me if I’m wrong), but it got out of hand, so it got removed. There are also places like the Wix and Padlets that you can chat freely on.

No, they most likely won’t. Join the gimkit discord if you want a community chat.

they won’t because this is for creative help only and there is a chat feature but it is disabled because it is to hard to moderate. Try j0ining the Gimkit Discord though. Its the chat place.

not old enoungh :melting_face: :expressionless: :no_entry_sign::

well then j0in the WIX or padlet.

Discord, Discourse, and the Nolt is the only places that Gimkit officially moderates on. If you want, join the Wix, or go on the Padlets, Google Documents, Canvas to chat.

links are helpful…

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Man, the forums are like a gateway to other sites where people chat. I have no clue what those sites are or what people do on it, I can’t provide a link.


it won’t let me into the padlet. I sent a request. IDK if you can accept it or not


Refresh your page and try to log in.


umm, who and why?

i dont have access to the padlet and the other 2 are blocked by my administration

lonewolf0230 and @That_one_tech_nerd what is the name of your padlet account?

just sent it @WolfTechnology

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self explanitory

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Sorry, can you send a new link? That one expired and I’d like to get in.

You can just go to your Discord, go to Discover, search up Gimkit and join.

I’m on mobile so I can’t use that.
I friended wingwave so I’ll be fine