Question about the "Trending" section on discovery

The trending section on gimkit discovery says “recently published maps gaining popularity.” How recent does “recently” have to be, and how many plays do I need?

it needs to be larger than whats on there
and don’t make maps for the plays


Recently = first day?
My game (ascent of mt snowy) got on trending around 300-500 plays, so maybe around that? Those numbers are probably quite inaccurate though.


I was thinking the same thing thanks for the answers guys. My game down their


im not sure it matters on how recent it is, i think it might be how quick you gain plays. when you gain more plays in a short amount of time, i think thats what puts it in trending.
the system probably assumes the game is new if it gains plays quickly, which is usually the case.

this may not be true though, this is more of a theory.


Recently in this case means one week. More recently (lol), since the release of platformers, you need around 2K plays to get on trending.

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recently as in like, hours after you post, then it falls off of trending

for the plays, depends, but you just need to either

  • get a good thumbnail
  • don’t clickbait

This is definitely not true… I know multiple games which got on trending way below 2k plays.