Question about medieval stuff

ok so I kinda want to build a gimkit were people try to raid a castle how would I do this??? ideas please almost anything mideval will work please help

Hmmm…well make the castle, maybe make a flag for them to capture?

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hmm ya but maybe a battering ram how would i do that??? hmmm

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Well…you could try to make some sort of barrier with a animation when you activate the batter sequence?

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@The_7th_Dragon got any other ideas??? if so please share all :slight_smile:

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Moat with crocodiles


Eating food for health

doors that look good.

proper terrain usage…

imma go to bed now…good night

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ok Thank you its only 8:30?!?! u go to bed early

Yeah ill probably think up different ideas in the morning, in the meanwhile, go look up ideas guides…

we’re in different time zones, I’m two hours ahead of you…


ok thanks good night

Loot chests with weapons, throne room, and interactions.

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@WolfTechnology old buddy you got any ideas??? or anyone else?

brb taking test

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Maybe you should add “watchtowers” with sentries hidden in non-collision shields and stuff?

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to fit the medieval theme, you could add a dragon using barriers. i’m making a guide for that soon as well (on how to make a dragon.)

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thanks for the ideas @Blizzy go to the wix please you could help me with it or something

You’re welcome

@Chumbucket Go to the link in my Profile, can’t go to WIX right now
Password is in my profile, at the bottom

@Blizzy got any other ideas?? go to it I joined what’s it for???

Idk… Maybe like… Uh…

@Chumbucket I’m on

@Chumbucket I’m leaving, ask later, can’t help

oh, ive already created that. sorry