Question about forums

hello, can i ask a question?
Do I have to wait 16 hours after making a certain number of posts?

(I know it’s off topic so forgive me)
Because yesterday, when I made a certain number of posts, I could not make new posts or replies.

I don’t think there’s a post limit after your first day.

If you became a basic user yesterday, it is possible that you had a limit to the number of posts.

Either way, the limit would be gone now.

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But I guess I’m not a new user, because I started on December 23

No. You are currently a basic user.

This is only a day 1 limit

Yes, I know, that’s why I’m asking if the same thing will happen again.

OK, thank you for help

There is a post limit for your first day.

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OK, thank youuuuu :slight_smile:

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