Question about ending the game

how would you make it show the winner of the game? I figured out how to end the game at one player, but what about that?


do you have a scoring system, and if so, how does it work, or whats it tracking? and if not, is it a scoring in-game?

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if you respond after 5 mins, i will answer tomorrow, and i will see if i can do anything

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no, not exactly. it’s a super Gim Bros type game.

You can do this:

I’m not sure with the game settings yet, but I hope this is exactly what you need!

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when a player wins make the player do something:
-press a button
-purchase a thing

-have a property
(anything that can trigger smth)

Make a property:
name: winner
type: text
scope: global

then have that connect to a trigger which sets the property (text, global) to the player’s name:

Set (get property) (winner)
value (create text with) (triggering player’s name)

now put in an end-of-game widget:
and have it show that property (winner)


make it so every 0.5 seconds it runs a relay in behalf of a random player and run block code so the name appears as a property. that way when the game ends there is only one player left so by default his name shows on the screen
block code is very simple:


@Kormorant, i think you should do what chrysostom said to do, it works best

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i had this same question, but I answered it

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Would you like me to tell you a way that is passive, therefore making it so there is no extra action required? Otherwise, use chrysostom’s way!


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