Quest help (Again)

So someone told eme how to make a system where all players are needed to continue, but there’s one problem, it doesn’t work (I think I made a mistake so If anybody finds out what it is, plz tell me)

Picture of the door system

Try doing this.

Get a counter and a zone.

Player Enters Zone → Disable Zone (Using Channels)
Then Do This
Player Enters Zone → Increment Counter

Make sure the zone is set to a player scope and the counter to a global scope.

Ok, @CassiusDoomlorde helped me with the system, I think he will know what to do, but your’s will work for now

No prob, Let me know if there are any bugs.

Nvm, I’m a little stupid, the trigger was checking live players and live players, not players at the door and live players Nvm my Nvm, it still not working Nvm my Nvm my Nvm, it works now, Nvm my Nvm my Nvm my Nvm, it still doesn’t work

what does the lifecycle and loop do here?

is that the player counter?

the loop triggers the trigger always

ok that works too

so the next thing to make sure of is that the counter increments when a player enters the zone and decrements when they leave

I have that done


so then the counter is linked to the property

and the block code is correct

yes (I will send a code on the discord later)