PVP Help (chars)

How do i make it so players can’t shoot other people, but they can shoot sentries ONLY in a zone?

That currently isnt possiable without deactivating the gadget completly. Because either you can shoot or you cant.

You could have the players all on the same team, but they wouldnt be able to attack eachother anywhere else. The best possible solutionbis to give the players very high health while in the zone (using health granters) and give the sentrys low health. Give the players weapons low damage aswell.
however, as @Magenta_Dragon said, its currently impossible to do it the exact way youd like.

As far as i know to deactivate a gadget is to take away its ammo, or remove it completely. But i don’t think that you can deactivate it with out a no-fire zone.

When players enter the zone, switch them all to the same team. When they leave the zone, switch them back. Make sure the sentries are on a different team than the players.

Yeah but then they will be on diff teams. Wait. I got it.

The zone:
So you give each team a unique item. When the player(s) enters the zone have them all switch to the same team. But when the leave the zone have checkers check for each team’s unique item in the players. If the check passes it switches the player back to their orginal team.

If a point system:
If there is a point system for each team using the leaderboard just use counters and properties to store each team’s score.

I am not fully sure this works but I am confident it does. Hope this helped!

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You can just disable pvp on your gimkit map can’t you? And then give people a weapon when entering the sentry zone, take it away when leaving, and place barriers around it that block bullets only? Or am I misinterpreting the question?

They need to attack players outside of a zone I think.

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