PVP game guide - Community made

Hello and welcome to Gimboy2 guide on PVP Games after all I made underwater battle!
Step 1:
Create a map(DUH)
Step 2:
Go to settings on the Health & Shield section and go down to PVP.
Step 3:
If it says YES, then just leave, if it says no then make it to yes.
Step 4:
If you are making teams then go to settings and go to the Teams section and click that and feel free to make it your way
Step 5:
The teams base
Here is an example
Screenshot 2024-04-01 12.05.39 PM.png

Paste that screenshot link

you use the Help tag for when you need help, Community Made Guides is for making a guide on how to make something.

this is a guide
and i will change the title

ok and for the image try to use a file or copy and paste the image, not the url of the file. Not everyone will paste the link.

my computer cannot do that for some reason

anyways. create a base for the team. BYE. ask me questions if you want

Add more pictures pls. Good details in the guide though!

I cannot sorry but you can ask anything else