Puzzles for my Map

In my map, its a sentry adventure game with 6 levels. Level 1 and 4 has a puzzle now for level oher levels what should the puzzle(s) be?
(NOTE I Haven’t made level 4, I just a a very good puzzle for 4

You could make a maze for one and an escape room for another.

  1. Laser Maze
  2. D@ath Run
  3. Maze
  4. Boss Battle

Already has a boss battle.

Oh ok recalculates then how about a escape room or parkour

A code, where you find little post it notes (popups) with numbers and colors on them!

How do i do a parkour in Top-Down?

Oh top down map. Then NVM.

you could try to make a level where you have to guide a ball to spots that open doors to the next section

Thats the level 4 puzzle

hidden notes that make up a combination code along with a rhyming riddle
make the player feel stressed while looking by making dead ends and huge rooms

Easy-Hit The G-Bells Into The Goal!
Normal-Hit 2 G-Bells Into The Goal!
Hard- Hit 4 G-Bells into the Goal While Being Attacked By Sentry’s
Rigorously-Hit 6 G-Bells Into The Goal While Being Attacked By Sentry’s With Lazers!
(I been playing or watching too much Splatoon 3:Side Order)

a grid that gives hints based on where you are on where to go next, if go in wrong zone you d1e

the 3 doors type of quiz. hopefully u remember it from older yt. if u don’t remember, i’ll explain how it basically works

Thats the puzzle for level one, thas literally what i did (three doors)

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You could do one where you have to solve a riddle and there is a secret part of it where you get an extra item to help with the other puzzles.

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