Publishing questions(help)

I’ve never published a gimkit creative game before, and I was wondering what happens when I do. Can I edit it whenever I want? Do I need to unpublish it, edit it, and spend more money to publish it again? Also, how do people see how many plays their map has? Does it just tell you?

Side note: I know there was some sort of gimkit event going on yesterday. Did anyone get pinllama (the piñata gim) or knows someone who did? If so, can you tell me the rarity and description please? A screenshot would be nice too.

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You can edit, yes. You don’t have to pay more to release changes either. When you publish, on the publish page, you can see how many plays at the bottom.

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Hope this helps


It will cost 1000 gimbucks to publish your map initially after that you can continue to improve your map and then update the map for other people. (This is in the same menu you originally published)

The number of plays is only visible to you but you can put text in your lobby or on your map to show your players. However you will have to manually update this as your game gets more popular.

Other people mainly see maps through trending or community picks so you want to publish at times people are playing to be able to gain a community. (Summers not the best time).

Also to publish a map you’re will want a catchy title and a good description filled with keywords describing your game and then the title because gimkit searches by description not title.

Probably the most important part of publishing us creating a quality, intriguing thumbnail because it is what people look at first. (.jpeg format only)

The number one way to get plays is to make a one player game that is difficult but resumable making people return.



No, you can just edit it while it’s published, then just publish changes which is free.

Only you can see how many plays your map has.


Wait, there was an event yesterday?

Yeah, I think so. Team gimkit announced on X (Twitter) that they would give the piñata gim out early to the people who visit Booth 763 in ISTELive. I think it ended yesterday. I wasn’t able to go because it’s too far away. I was just curious if anyone went or knew anything.


Yes, if you went to Booth 763 in ISTELive you can get the Pinllamma Gim, but I don’t know how exactly and I think you can’t get it yet.

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Oh alright. Thanks for telling me


it is free to publish the new changes:)

That’s good! Although I guess I saved up 5,000 gimbucks for nothing

well at least you got to spend a lot at the beginning of the gimkit season