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So, to keep this on topic, this is about GKC. Next: I am not angry at anyone, just confused, finally if anyone wants me too take this down I will have someone delete it.
So, I am a OG GKC user, Even before publishing came out I had a sucessful game at school that was popular. after finding out that publishing was released I came back to go into open Beta. To this day I have 162ish plays. Now, when I see something I speak up, which is why I have a document of all games that break the community guidelines. First off, Can’t Gimkit set up something that requires a staff members permission to publish… like Robloxs’ chat moderation. Next, there are a countless amount of Fortnite ® games out there. One of which is claiming to have a skyrocketing amount of plays. Now if this is true, how? I asked @Kat_aronii to make me a custom thumbnail, which she made. Now these unoriginal Fortnite® games are supposedly racking up hundreds of plays a day, now to add insult to injury they use a Fortnite® copyrighted thumbnail.

I’m going to allow this since Publishing and Discover are definitely part of creative and this is a legitimate concern.

I’m just going to remind everyone to stay kind and stay on topic.

In terms of setting up staff permission for publishing, remember that we are a very small company, and that would likely be a full-time job. :wink:


Well there are alot of fortnite games but you cant just silence people because you don’t like their game. These are kids making these games. They try their best some of the time. There isnt always super experienced people on Discovery. You shouldn’t have it bother you. Those kids with those fortnite games are prob proud of those just like how you are with yours. Also having a mod approve the game takes way to much time. This is a small owned buisness ya know.


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Okay, thanks

Hundereds of kids love fornite! they try there very best to follow rules, but somtimes, they break rules and its fine! This is a learning site for kids!

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Its not really that I have a problem about the kids or Fortnite® itself… It is more of the copyright and trademark infringement. Also, I have seen some pretty bad stuff. not like poorly made more of I have only now, started a record of all the community guidelines. I have even seen a R_cist game too…

Me working on a Fortnite map right now… :grimacing:

(Don’t worry, it will be different… I think…)

But yeah.

As pharlain said, they are a very small company, and they have to probably have moderator bots. (I think… correct me if I’m wrong.)

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I dont think there are copyright claims for fortnite. Also its something for the Gimkit Team to worry about not us.


I’m pretty sure, most the users on gimkit don’t even know what copyright even is!

That isnt a excuse. They should, or not be on there.


As long as more things are different you’ll be ok. Like I have a custom boss right now, so I should be good.

directly pulled from the Epic Games website.

How bout this to stop the arguing.
@Pharlain is fortnite not allowed on Discovery.

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I agree, lets stop arguing.

There are no mod bots. They rely entirely on people reporting bad games.

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He was suggesting mod bots. Like the ones for yt kids but better (since those were bad)

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But here is the thing… The community guidelines literally say that copyright infringement is not allowed, and they say to read the TOS for GKC publishing, and faiIure to comply with the TOS could result in a ban: something kids don’t want.

they will be added later in the years

Oh, ok. Maybe they should hire some interns or something since their staff is so small (they may not be able to keep up with stuff).