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This is not off-topic as Gimkit Creative Discovery is a part of Gimkit Creative. Thank you!

So recently I’ve been going through Discovery a lot, and I noticed a few… interesting things.
Things that aren’t necessarily positive.
No offense, but 90% of the games that are released have either low quality gameplay, questionable decoration, or are WIP’s.
So, I decided to make a guide about publishing your Gimkit Creative maps and what to do vs. what not to do.

How To Publish Your Map

This is extremely simple. A few requirements need to be met to be able to publish:
*Career level 50+
This means that in all your time of playing Gimkit, you must have leveled at least 50 times total.
*1000 GimBucks
This means that you need 1000 GimBucks.

To publish it, you click into the ‘Options’ tab, then click the ‘Publish and Save’ button. You will then enter the name of the game, and the thumbnail.
For the thumbnail, there are some requirements.
-Rectangular, not square (I don’t know the specific dimensions). The length > width.
-Screenshots of your map OR custom designed ones you made are great!
-No realistic images of random real people, animals, real-life objects
-No memes
-No images from other games, companies, and/or movies

When Should I Publish My Map?

I cannot stress this more, but DON’T PUBLISH WIP’S! It just causes clutter, and why publish early if you can just publish it when it’s 100% finished? It’s not like you have a time limit. Take all the time you need to make it the best you can! Use varied fonts, barrier art, terrain art, lore, and funny extra dialogue!
Besides, it’s not getting into the ‘trending’ section as a WIP, hm?

What To Do In Published Maps
  1. Make sure it’s 100% finished.
  2. Fix all bugs.
  3. Add some lore!
  4. Make a visually appealing thumbnail!

Extra Info

-You can edit a map even after you publish it! The updates will only go active after you click the “Save Edits” or “Save Changes” button.

*does not apply when Season Ticket is active.

Tell me if I missed anything, I can add stuff within 30 days as a member.


what are WIPS I’m kinda lost

Works in progress. It means it’s unfinished and still needs to be worked on.


ok thank you people :slight_smile:

career level 50+ should also have a *


Ok, I added that!

What did you add @VoidFluffy ?

I think the asterisks should be in the front of the words, not the back. :+1:

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I am kind of lost :frowning: :frowning:

Added an asterisk here:

maybe link some guides to help with the stuff you mentioned? (lore, decorations, etc.)

Nice guide! (No one says this anymore…) You could probably add a section on using the “free publish” button to continually publish updates to our game.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… What counts as a WIP?

A game that doesn’t have enough of the storyline YET to actually be a “first version”. IF it’s a non-storyline game, a WIP would be like not having the mechanics fully functional.

Just saying, you could probably add about the editing multiple times thing.

Can you explain the thumbnail more? For example, what dimensions (minimum and maximum), what file, etc.

@ABCD only TL3 (Regulars) can make the “editing multiple times thing,” or otherwise known as wiki posts.


No not like that. I mean editing a published map multiple times

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Yep, that would help. Thanks for the clarification.

at this point i should go publish something


bump because people aren’t following these rules at all in the discovery section T-T


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