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Are You Still Able to Edit Published Maps? And If So, When Your Done Publishing Them Can You Delete The File And It Would Still Be Public?

Yes, if you edit your map then you just have to go back to publish and it should say update, it should stay published and it is free.

First, you can edit your map after publishing it for free. There’s a button for that. If you delete your map after publishing, then the file will disappear from the system, and discovery will also delete it.

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Thank You That’s All I Wanted To Know, Is There Any Way To Get more Slots Tho?

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Only if you get the gimpass
I think that’s what it’s called

For Me It Says I Have To Pay A Hefty Fine (For Me) Of 1000 Gimbucks

You can buy the season ticket (5$ in real money) to get 25 creative slots, free publishing and other benefits like increased xp per week like 15,000XP (1,500 Gimbucks) 20,000XP (2,000 Gimbucks) a week.

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It is free if you have the gimpass (Don’t know what it is called)

The initial fee to publish is 1000 gimbucks.

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Ahh, That’s A lot More

Do note that the season pass only lasts a limited amonut of time so when the next seasoon begins, problems arise since the season pass will be gone and will need to be rebought.

Though I have been wanting to ask, what if you bought the season ticket, got the 25 map storage, built a map past the 3 free maps, published it, and waited for it to disappear at the end of the season, would it still be on discovery?

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Idk, Probably Not. :frowning:

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