Publishing Help(Confused)

um i have a porlbem i’m finding lots of maps in gimkit creative that have instrucitons to play but the’re half finished and some barely have anything and they end at a dead end should i report them

No. They don’t need to be reported. You only report when something’s inappropriate or bad.

no this is not a reason to take them down

i didn’t mean for inaporiatness i mean because i thought guidlines said avoid publishing half ifnished maps because some of the platforming maps end at a dead end it beings a summit and then dead ends with nothing to do

The user who published that probably felt the urge to publish it without finishing the map lol

Yeah that’s not a reason to take them down

well it’s multiples of people not one person so

that isn’t a rule it’s just frowned upon
@Georgeholmes1 please mark a solution

guys warning this hasn’t happend yet but could i heard someone discussing making their terroijst attack map in platfromer if you see one like that report it just saying hasn’t happend so no needs to panic

blud what are you talking about

i’m talking about half finsihed maps

I’m talking about this specific post.

what’s going on rn im completely lost

Exactly, I’m lost too.

a few things one eciding if i hsould report people for their terroist attack map and 2 half ifnished platformers published

  1. Depending on how bad the game is (are they the terrorists, are people dying, etc.)
  2. Never report half finished maps.

yeah they are and yes it is so morbid i nearly gagged

I pretty much threw up because it was that disugsting i rpeorted

Should i tell you what it was or will i get banmed

you do not need to tell us when you report something if it’s inappropriate report these forums are not for complaining or reporting please mark a solution