Publishing castle map

when should I publish it also if i make changes to it frequetnly and publish does it count as half fninsihed map why shouldn’t i report half finished maps becasue they waste space

I’m so confused right now, try using a few commas.

just publish it, you can publish updates later. Don’t worry! :slight_smile:

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Also why shouldn’t i report unfinished maps the’re perfectly apropiate and fun the’re just dead eneded and unfinished

Also no reason to report half finished maps as updates for them are being made and the people are just really exited about it so are publishing it because all the way finished. (Sorry about the lack of punctuation)

Should I report this one it was called something morbid i’m not telling you the name because i don’t want a bann and it threw up as a result of testing that map i had no idea it was morbid something to do with hunting down brains or something nasty


Yea, if it’s morbid report it.

just reported it earlier and it’s taken down i mean in future it was called the brain eater and the tutorial was so morbid it was like go find this woman and something else and then eat something not telling you for bann reassons dont’ want to be banned

i mean somethings i’m sensitive too but this was pure morbidness how do i know the difference this made me thorw up my breakfast it was called brain eater iwht a picture of someone eating a brain it’s gone now josh took it down

Mark a solution if there is one. If not, get back on topic.

what do i do about the unfinished maps report them as well because they drive me nuts

Just leave them. Play the getting popular section.

as long as they are playable to some extent just leave them alone. They will probably be updated at some point.

also please mark a solution

ive been making one for while too

he did.

oh my bad

i finish my maps before i publish them

same also someone posted naother inapropiate map that i had to report called lets kill people

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i do like violent games myself