Publishing a map

If I publish a map then delete it from my maps does it take it off from being published??

Yes. It will, cuz I’ve tried it before…

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I think so. If you delete something, it won’t be there anymore.

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yes it will

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Yeah it will. I think I know why you asked, and I sympathize with you lol


So just making of this. I publish the game, and after it is published then I should not delete it becuase then it won;t be published any more??

Well its your choice if you want or not…

but will it stay published

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You might not get your gimbucks back

dang that sucks. I wish it would not do that


please mark a solution @Abeicher

no if you delete it or unpublished it, it will not stay published

Back on-topic! Once again:

Um, no one was off topic?

Also chill a little, give them literally 2 seconds bro

Are you shure? I am chilling, I am just giving a reminder, but if no one wants it…

  1. Not off topic. It TOTALLY applied to the situation.
  2. It is spelled sure, not shure
  3. The solution was marked before you even commented, I just checked….

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