Pseudo health help

does anyone know how to make a version of pseudo health for my boss?
I tried using a prop but I can’t reduce the transparency by more than 0.15 and I can’t turn collision off without also turning damage off
Screenshot 2024-01-20 8.21.05 AM

You could make an attack button, but I have a simpler solution.

You destroy the scales on the snake, exposing it.

When all the scales are destroyed, you win.

I did this before, you destroy the scales, but the head is the thing that makes you win if you destroy it, but the head has a barrier, which only unlocks when you destroy every scale that isn’t the head.

EDIT: CassiusDoomlorde already said that


I need a version of a hitbox that won’t be visible

could you set a prop to alpha 0, make it large and have it take damage?

I’m just trying to find other solutions before pseudo-health, because you can’t use a gadget for that

the lowest I can make it is 0.15

and that’s still pretty visible. ok.

You could do something like the snake is indestructible, but you can destroy crystals or something that appear.

You could turn off collision for the snake but make the pillar damageable so then the roof falls on the snake.

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