[PSA] Please stay relevant to the discussion

We need to follow the forum guidelines given by staff. It seems as though not many people get this.

Off-topic discussions are discussions that are not relevant to the main topic. This is not allowed as per forum guidelines, as most off-topic discussions involve chatting, which was clearly stated to not be allowed. Many people are not understanding this rule about Gimkit Creative’s support forum. If you see any of this, flag it as off-topic. Do not attempt to continue the conversation, as this makes more unnecessary clutter than it should. Also, do not post then delete the topic immediately. You are attempting to hide an off-topic discussion which should not be there. The reason why these discussions are not allowed is because it may distract the reader from what they are supposed to be learning, and it just makes them have to scroll to get to the correct part of the discussion, with the important part that they are trying to learn. By chatting, you are not benefiting anyone, and you are only creating clutter for others.


if only tl4 could solve this…

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Yes! Nice PSA! I added the new new-user-must-read tag.