[ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful!

New users can search for the topic.

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You really think new users would search for things? Especially just stumble upon this? Not to be rude, but no new user will search “pictures are powerful”


Pinning topics are now a thing.

I don’t think this topic would get pinned, probably the welcome to the forums one.

I don’t think @WolfTechnology would pin a random topic.

Oh yeah.

@WolfTechnology can you check with the moderators if pinning the Welcome to the Forums topic is allowed?

I’m sorry, I’ve been on the forums for a long time, and new users don’t search for things. You can tell by help posts.


Yeah when I see a new post with an answer already I usually link this guide :arrow_down_small:


Pinning too many topics can also make it harder for people to view more recent posts, or for new users to view recent posts due to the fact that there are too many pins in the way.


yeah I will see.