Protection Zone Help

Hi everyone! I have a quick question about zones/barriers. Is there a way to make a space where sentry shots can’t hit? I tried a no-fire zone, but it will still let sentry shots hurt you. Is there a way to make an invisible barrier that sentry shots hit and disintegrate, but you can pass through? Answers would be appreciated!

Maybe make the sentries around the person on the team 1?

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What do you mean?

nvm, do this @TigriRose

yes, that was just what I was thinking. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, this game is a free-for-all, and there is a “battlefield” of sentries that the player must get past. In the battlefield, there are small hideouts, and the player can hide there while they regenerate health. How do I make it so the sentries cannot shoot past the hideouts?

maybe make barriers that cost nothing?

Maybe… I’ll try that.

I have to go. Be back in a few minutes!

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ill be here all day when you need me.

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srry, got to go to grandma’s


make the sentry have the slowest attack speed which basically makes him peaceful.

In the spot, have a zone there, and when someone enters, place a barrier on top of them. Deactivate the barrier when they leave.


Could you send a screenshot?

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Something like this:

Ok, thank you!

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No problem.

Also, could you show me the mechanics? Like the wiring, e.t.c

Just wire the zone to the barrier. Player enters → activate barrier. Wire the zone to a wire repeater, and then to the barrier again. Player leaves zone → continue the wire pulse → deactivate barrier. The barrier is deactivated on start. Make sure that the zone is slightly smaller than the barrier so that people can still get in. Also, don’t teleport anyone out of the zone.

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It worked! Thank you!