Props for an office

what props can I use for an office?

There are a lot of chairs and furniture props like the office chair and there are some desks. But you can also just place a text block and put in a emoji of whatever office equipment you want. Then set the size to something that matches your map and then your done.

You can use a table, and put a laptop on it, but also put an inkpot and a paper. Another thing you can do, if you want it to look mysterious and give you the vibe, you can make bookshelves and put codex and papers on the floor. On the other side of the room, you can make an office plant, depending on which one you want. Another thing you can do, you can add one of the older looking computers, on the other side of the room on a custom table, and make it look like a printer!You can use the file cabinets, I recommend using at least three in a line.Last thing you should do is make a sort of carpet. It gives it the vibe of the room you know?

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