Props Disappearing

Along with the many bug posts that ask what to do when your sentries or properties disappear, why are my props disappearing?

I was placing down some terrain for my game [that I’m gonna publish for the THIRD time], I walk back to a room, and BAM! The bed prop that was there 5 seconds ago is gone.

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is the room on the screen (in the game) or did you literally leave the room you were in irl?

the screen. also, one of my bookshelf props just disappeared

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Is your game at a high memory?

if 82% memory is high to you

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i don’t know what to say, you are probably reporting the bug so i guess refresh and your props will probably reappear, but you probably know that so, i guess just leave this open for josh to see so maybe he can fix it? Isn’t that the point of bug posts?

ok. also the props are still gone even after i leave and come back

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have any other ones disappeared since the bookshelf?

there’s that bed i mentioned earlier, but idk about devices or any others (i haven’t checked)

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possible solutions:

  • i’m on an ipad pro with a cursor that’s a little “shaky,” so i might’ve accidentally erased those props while trying to erase other things
  • maybe the game just erases stuff past 80% memory
  • game memory is too much
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Memory shouldn’t be an issue because when you create a map, there is a certain memory space allocated for the map, with enough space that represents 100,000 memory. The memory might matter when you play the game, or when the computer has to render all interactions. However, the computer doesn’t have to render that much stuff, like device interactions, collision, and other things while on edit mode.

You’re on a mobile device. Bugs mostly happen in mobile devices, so probably this is the solution.

ok, but i’ll check computer later to see if it still happens

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Don’t mark a solution unless the bug itself has been solved.

got it


well, this is happening to my computer too. i had a teleporter a day ago, and now it’s gone. this could be because i let captain-gim and apoll02 in my map yesterday, but my permissions say otherwise.

when it glitches, does it say “Oh no! Lost Connection!”

nope, it just downright disappears

I know me and Apoll02 didn’t delete or break anything. I couldn’t do anything, but move.

maybe try messaging