Proposal for a few things with Counters and new devices

First with the Counter. You can have “secondary” increments/decrement channels for fewer trigger/prop Shiganans. A secondary goal can be added for extra functionality. Now with the new device Idea.
Item Cusmonismer.
This would allow for Ammo types for weapons to be changed, like speed of bullets, size, etc. Then this could let people have much more versatile with their maps.

suggestions go here:


Sorry man, still new to the fourms. Is there a discord for gimkit?

Also restrictions wont let me add a suggestion

there is also the wix, where there is code sharing and groupchat, if discord is blocked

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Im woundering what the sever is called, for when I get home

also some reminders
if you want to post things unrelated to game codes
post it in groupchat (make an application) or itll get taken down if posted in code sharing
if you do post a game c0de and it expires
delete it
itll cause clutter

lets get back on topic


Just use another counter and a trigger for the counter suggestions.

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There is a gimkit discord.