Property won't update

I don’t exactly know why but for some reason my overlay is not updating.

I want to be able to count the number of fish that I have collected in my game.
I created a property called fish count and then added inventory item managers that update the fish count property. Then I added a lifecycle that would activate a relay that would activate an overlay. All was going well. However, when I played the game, the property would not update even if I caught a fisIf you know what I did wrong then please tell me. Below is all of the code that I did.

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You might want to make the property player scoped.


If you catch a different fish each time, it won’t update. So the 1st one sets the property to the amount of green fish. Now number of fish property is 1. Now you catch a blue fish. The iim then sets the property to the amount of blue fish, which is… one.


Yeah, I think what Getrithekd said should work.

You mean that it is right? I didn’t post a solution.

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Make the block code that triggers when the item amount changes broadcast a message on a channel that triggers the blockcode of the overlay.


I don’t know what a


Probably just an example

I’m just confused about what everyone is saying. Could you please explain?

Autocorrect is the bane of my existence.

Try this setup
I’ll post a screenshot in a sec.

Wait! You can only catch one fish at a time in your setup, right?


Yes. Or maybe when the player fishes, add one to the property instead of having 6 IIMs.

Finishes what? I’m confused.

No. Goes fishing, not finishing.

Oh. I didn’t know the fishing mechanism they had, sorry.

Every time the player triggers the mechanism, just add one to the num fish thing. Or have a counter that is incremented by the item granter if there’s a chance that no fish is caught.

Thanks for including LOTS of details! This helps us so much!