Property Update Help

So I was making a platformer map, and I need to make sure when the game ends in shows who won the game. I decided to use properties, true or false, and I can’t make it so when you press the button, it updates the property. Can someone help???

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Are you using teams?
If so it will always show what team wins
If not i think you will see it

No, it is whoever makes it wins.

ok hold on

Do you want the players who get knocked out to spectate?

Bruh, it’s a platformer game with checkpoints. When you get to the end, you have to use the button to make sure that the game knows you won.

Ohhhh…Here is the set up.

thanks :))) (limit sucks)

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I AGREEEE!! (limits…)

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If you guys are talking about the 20 character requirement then just put random letters in <>

no, in gimkit the server has limits yu know?

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Oh, yea my bad

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