Property question

What is the maximum amount of digits that a property can hold when put into it by block code?

I’m pretty sure it’s 14 digits including decimals.

That is not good.

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text properties can hold a loooootttt more though

How much more? I’m thinking about 48 characters would be ok.

what are you making??!!??!??!??!???!??!?!?

It doesn’t really matter. [1]

  1. If you’re THAT interested, I’m trying to make a game where you can go back in time to any significant point in the timeline to redo things. ↩︎

Okay. I was curious why you needed that many characters

I was THAT interested lol. Sounds pretty neat.

Please, you don’t have to say on topic now. Look at who you’re taking to. If anything, that was a note to yourself. I needed the space to reference the property later on and be able to basically reload the game back to a previous moment in time. So, how many characters can a text property hold?

Sorry, sometimes its hard on this forum.
Idk if imma offend someone by saying one off topic post or making one joke to lighten the mood or not.

And for the property question:
256 (I’m pretty sure)

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Ok, I think that works! Thanks!

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In block code, it’s 512. In the property default value text input, it’s 256.

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Bh, you just turned what probably would have been a tiny project into maybe a full game. Thanks.

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