Property issue, unable to update?

So i am making a device so you can choose how many respawns you get.
This is my setup.:

Any one know why this doesn’t work, when the game starts, the text says I have 5 lives, when I set it so that I would have 10

so can I have a basic idea of the problem?

WhenI click the Choose Easy, which sends then sets the Lives property to 10.
But the overlay show that I only have 5.

I set it so that when I click the primar, (which is choose this) then it will set the property to 10,
but as you can see, it only shows 5

I think the issue might be an updating issue (order of operations, since A broadcasts to B and runs its block code at the same time, but in reality B runs before the block code for the call to action). Try changing it so when the property updates it broadcasts to whatever channel the overlay runs its block code on.

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I think the overlay isn’t updating

Yeah, but that didn’t work. Plus, this is my third time trying it, and I already tried to see if it was a updating issue, and it wasn’t…
(My friend refused to hlp me so that is why I am asking the forums…)

I hooked it up to a reapeater to update every 0.5 sec but that didn’t work either

I know I can probably just add a room where you can choose using buttons, but I want the player to be able to see how many lives they have left on there screen at all times.

Does the property broadcast on health?

yes, I made sure that I did everything rigth, Oh well, I am going to redo it.
I am going to make a new help for making it from scratch…

Just make the property trigger the blocks.

That didn’t work, and I deleted my last desighn, I am making a new post for it…

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