Properties To End Game

Me, Captain-Gim, and Gimsolver were working on a Blastball map, and we need help making the point system. We have two properties for each team, and we want to compare both properties at the end and the game and the team with the highest property wins. However, we couldn’t figure out how to do this. Could someone show us how?


don’t forget @Captain-Gim.
but yeah, this is confusing.

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By using block code and showing end of game widgets

if get property points1 > get property points2
Broadcast message channel "team 1 wins"
Else broadcast message on channel "team 2 wins"

And make the end of game widgets show whatever widget is for the team


oh my god why did i forget about the greater than blocks

Mark a solution if that worked

he’s still testing it. chill.

what do we put in the leaderboard settings?

do you know how to set up the leaderboard, @here?

Can you elaborate?

for the thing. like the topic.

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