Prop Damage Glitch

If you’re shooting a prop that can take damage, and have it disabled while you’re shooting it, it stays there but there’s no collision and you can’t shoot it.

That’s because the prop is disabled, and therefore can’t be interacted with until enabled once again.

In other words, this isn’t a bug.

EDIT: It is a bug, read the below posts for more info.

Yes, but if you disable it, it disappears and if you’re shooting at it while it’s being disabled, it stays there

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I have a theory that objects like bullets and blastballs operate from the state of the map before the game starts, before any channels or wires fire. So if a prop is default on, then it will always block bullets (regardless of activation), and if it is default off, bullets always pass through it.

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Sorry, I misinterpreted what you were saying. Sorry about that.


To clarify- what you’re saying is if a prop takes damage at the same time as it is disabled, the prop still shows, but has no collision and takes no damage?

No, if you turn a prop off, it will still block bullets but not take damage.

Yes, and here’s a 3 fps GIF on how it happens: (2)

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This is a visual error, try reloading, restarting your device, or making a new world. (don’t make a new world, as it’s not worth it.) You can also get a new prop.

It’s not a glitch. It’s something that reliably happens every time.

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