Proof of Pseudo-Property Conjecture

Basically, the conjecture states that every device that can be activated and deactivated can be used as a form of pseudo property or data.

Now, can we prove it? Also, can we use a combination of pseudo properties to make more?

Okay. I used PCPs. I don’t get PIPs. And I have no idea with any of these P_Ps. What even is a psuedo property?

I don’t either, but apparently @getrithekd has a use for them.

Pseudo means fake. A property is a characteristic of an object that is stored as a value within a computer system.

Don’t you need a property in order to access pseudo properties? And yes I know what pseudo means I am the main campaigner for CPT

That’s what I was asking @getrithekd. To be honest, I never understood how P_Ps worked and I probably never will.

CPT? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but what?

Classical Pseudo-Teaming.


And that is when I use fake teams by checking if a tiriggering player has an item, instead of if they are on x team. Right?



Couldn’t then with a single property extract PIPs?

You need money to get money. So yes. You need properties to get pseudo properties.

Yeah. Have multiple IIMs update the same property.

PIPs and PCPs use multiple of the device to change a single property. It’s more like a device suited method for pseudo properties.

I’ll say this again and listen to it because I’ll probably not say this again:

Pseudo properties store the data not I properties, but in somewhere else, like a counter. To extract the data from the counter, all we do is increase it by one, and decrease it again. To use multiple pseudo properties in the same block, we use variables. To get something anywhere, we need properties. Pseudo properties treats properties as a bridge between counters, item amounts, tigger states, and a whole bunch of other Adana storage methods to blocks. So pseudo properties, in essence act as a bridge from data stored in devices to blocks.

Wow, there’s been a whole lot of Pseudo-ing lately.

I have a counter example. There is physically no way for the system to recognize if a barrier is activated or deactivated. Therefore, this conjecture is false.


what is the point of pseudo propertys?

They have some neat tricks, but they are mostly for having more data storage.

oh, i didn’t know that was possible in GKC.