Problems with deleting a post error

I can’t delete this post because it keeps on saying error. Then the delete button disappeared :frowning: help

Delete this topic, this is unnecesssary

Did you get hacked or something ? if you been struggling with your account you should’ve emailed Gimkit but welcome back.

Idk man i did not receive any login link for the past 7 months

Last time this happened i had to create a new account

You should probably email Gimkit for help if it happens again anyway mark a soulution so nobody gets flagged.

I am trying to delete it but it say error.

Why can’t i delete this post it keeps on saying error

I don’t know I don’t think that it ever says error

The delete button disapeared

Restart your device?

OOF that happened to me.

Try restarting the device like he said or choose a solution.

I’m not really good with bugs so all I can say if that doesn’t work is post it in the bug category.

Yup it is broken and i can not delete it. Does gimkit forum thinks I did not post it

I don’t know maybe we should get someone better for this I’m not good at fixing bugs.

Ok i going to put it in bug category

Never mind you switched the category

@ANYTHING_EVAN Well I guess you just have to mark a solution try it may close the post like the whole bug

This is not a bug. You can only delete a post if no-one has replied or all of the replies have been deleted.