Problem with the score/leaderboard

when i use a counter to control the scoreboard the score is going up by 300 instead of 1, anyone know why this could be happening?

First, observe the counter physically when it increases in the game. Then reply what happens.

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i have a capture the flag type game and i need to use 2 counters, one of them works fine but the other is doing this (image)


What is connected to that counter? Is there anything different about it compared to the other one? (Check the settings of it and the devices it’s linked to carefully.) Also, what triggers the counter to increment? (What happens that causes the counter to count to 300?)

Make sure to check the other devices you have too. Especially repeaters.

they both have the same settings and are connected to the same devices, the trigger is a channel that comes from the flag zone so when someone captures a flag it increases by one (but in this case 300 for some reason)

This could be a bug then. Maybe try using wires? They aren’t as finicky as channels.

yea wires worked, thanks for your help! hopefully that gets fixed soon