Problem with Text (Help Needed as Soon as Possible!)

So, when the sentry appears, an emoji text will popup for a few seconds and then the emoji text will disappear. For some reason, the text is not disappearing. I used a wire repeater and a trigger and tried wiring them several times and nothing seemed to work. Does anyone know how to fix this (I didn’t put it to bugs because it might be something I’m doing wrong instead of a bug)?

can you give us the device and wire settings?

Maybe use a repeater, text and a sentry instead

What is an emoji text? :confused:

emoji in textbox

So, I have the wire repeater and a trigger, @Foxy .

Darn, I wish i could help but I don’t know. I’ll keep trying to figure it out though and get back to you

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That’s very kind of you @Chuck72 !

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the settings for the devices with the wires so we can check for mistakes

Ok I don’t know for sure but you might be able to use a counter and a repeater and wire and channel it to were when text showed visible run repeater for how many seconds you want it to show then do when counter meets value 0 hide text. I hope this will help

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I put the wire repeater to 0.5 seconds for delay and the trigger is only like 0.5 too. And the text is not visible in game, but when the sentry makes its way by walking, the text will appear for a few seconds and disappear right after.

Also, @Chuck72 , I’m not really planning to use a counter but if it can work for a little bit, I could try, though it could be difficult to increment it for 3 seconds with triggers. I made the sentry walk a lot already by using triggers and wire repeaters to make the sentry appear for a few seconds, disappearing in it’s place and then a new one appears a little bit ahead, like animation like a sentry is moving around. The sentry is an Echo Agent and made him walk. And the rest is like the text appears at the last appearing sentry and then the text appears for a little bit and then disappears again. This might be a little hard to understand just by reading, and it’s a lot. I hope this can help but I think @Chuck72 is trying to help me and it’s a great effort! Thanks and I hope I can mark a solution if anyone can solve it! I’ll be here waiting for responses!

Sorry if this is a lot of writing, the picture taking is going to take a while if there is a lot of the devices that @Foxy needs so if this text is a little bit hard to understand, I will consider taking the pictures unless someone can understand this text? I might need help support as soon as possible!

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That’s ok It works but I understand there’s a better way. Have a good Monday :blush:

Okay, hope I can figure it out on my own! Thanks anyway!

I thought this would be helpful for how to make text disappear.

@Princess2216 to do that you should get a zone and place it around the whole area the sentry is in and then wire that zone to a wire repeater (it’s delay to 1 and the zone should give the repeater the pulse when the player enters the zone) and then wire that repeater to a counter (increment it target value is 2) and then wire that wire repeater to another wire repeater (delay also 1) and have it increment the counter and then wire the counter to the text (target reached hide text)

Is this solved? If so, @Princess2216 please mark a solution.

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