Problem with ores

So i was working on a mining section for my tycoon game, but then I realized something, the ores are going to run out, so what do I do? Can anyone help me with this and is there any way I can make the ores regenerate?

Not exactly, but you can still grant the ores via item granters and buttons.


Make a barrier around the map so that there is a certain area you can stay, and put the ore around it. Make the barriers invisible.

gimkit hasn’t implemented a method of placing terrain in-game, until then we will have manually placed ores… sorry

Unfortunately, your described method is not possible as of this post.
Adding regenerable rocks with a hidden button next to them saying Mine.
Connecting the buttons to item granters granting the ores.

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well, you can use preset terrain as walls of dynamic stuff, but then once that runs out, you might need a button to reset it, and instead of dynamic it might have to be props. Once they finish that, make another set. Make as many as you think you need. Eventually, It’ll run out though… but it will still save your mining aspect a little bit

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