Probably not possible but hey

so i have a trigger to the entrance of a room that i need to make waypoints for a player 1 time thats unrelated but i need to make a popup ONLY FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU STEPP ON IT

Connect the trigger to the pop-up so it shows up. Connect the trigger to a wire repeater. Connect the wire repeater to the trigger so it deactivates.

If you still need the trigger for something else, use a seperate trigger for the pop-up.

Nearly everything in gimkit creative is possible, but it either is too tedious, takes too much memory, or the limit of devices gets in the way.

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is the first thing all one trigger?

Use the trigger and connect it to a counter (Triggered → Increment counter). Set the counters “Target” to 1. Wire the counter to your notification (Target reached → Send notification)

Yes. Place a new trigger instead of using your existing one if you still need it for something else.

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