Pricing for weapons?

Hey can someone give me a table on how much each weapon should cost for my game (10 cash takes 100 secs to gain at the lowest upgrade for the gen) and I don’t need 1 for snowball launchers

sling - 50
eye - 50
portal - 30
zapper -15
pml - 20
wand - 30

k should I double the price for each rarity

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Not double, maybe like a 20% increase because that is more or less the increase in effectiveness.

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Increase the price 40% for each rarity

PORTAL = 30??? DUDE the portal does like 300 DAMAGE!

but its slow

yeah but it does so much damage, at LEAST 50 dollars

Theres also a problem of hard to hit people

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the portal is the 3rd worst weapon

They could be sold through vending machines

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