Price is Right Ideas

This is a guide for games similar to The Price is Right. I may eventually add ways to make them, but here are some ideas:

  1. Plinko. You have a prop (or a player) that bounces down an area full of obstacles, under their own power or automatically.

  2. Higher/lower: A game where you guess the value of an item and it tells you if you need to guess lower or higher.

Everyone is welcome to add ideas to this guide, and I’ll eventually try to make them once I get the how-to guide started. If you do add things, please don’t delete anyone else’s ideas, that’s just rude.


Also guys, I’m not a regular anymore, does anyone know why this happened?

Noice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!

You’re probably not a regular bc you haven’t been on in a while…

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You can get demoted if you don’t reach the TL3 (Regular) requirements and for inactivity.

Oh. Yeah, I don’t remember if a regular can wiki a post that isn’t their own. If you can, I would appreciate if you did.

Also, @The_7th_Dragon , don’t worry, I plan to add pictures.
(I just haven’t made anything yet.)

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Yeah, Regulars can only wiki their own…

Okay, well, if anyone comes up with an idea, I’ll try to add it to the guide.
Just post it here at the bottom. (I may eventually have to make a part 2.)

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Hey, you’re back! You lost regular because you failed one of the requirements to keep it, probably either the days visited or the posts read.

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Oh! Hi @Dragontamer! You’re back! Welcome back!

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Let’s keep this on topic as much as possible. But out of curiosity, what do you mean?

You don’t want to know… And yeah let’s be back on-topic

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nice guide/wip despite the fact idk what the price is right is

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It’s a game show.

How about Russian roulette? Each room has three teleporters, and each teleporter has a 50% chance to send you back to the start.

some more lore happened, Blizzy ate some animals, took over half of MY MOUNTAIN, and currently waging a guerrilla war against dragons. Check Blizzy’s profile.

In the Price is Right, you may be selected to play a series of money-based minigames in order to win a grand prize, basically.
Watching it may be more useful, to be honest.