Pretty useless because it doesn't work on somebody. Not saying who

So first you want to put down these devices in this order.

Forget the wires for now.

You want to click the top buttons and wire them to there respective counters, and add corresponding numbers. Then, make it where it says in the top buttons that “go up one?”
And the bottom make it decrease one. Wire the bottom buttons to the corresponding counters and make them decrease the total.

For the reset button place text that says reset and leave it alone.
Then wire the reset button to all of the counters and make them reset.

And make a button to the side that says “put in code?” Then wire it to a barrier and make it deactivate when sense what your code is.

Then you need to make a another barrier and cover up the “put in code button” and that code needs to have that property like 123.
And if you get the right code on all 3 counters you can open up the button and pass though the door.

Will be adding pics soon!

  • Easy 1/10
  • Gim easy 2/10
  • Gim Hard 3/10
  • Hard 4/10
  • Gim Bonk 5/10
  • Bonk 6/10
  • Impossible 7/10
  • Gimpossible 8/10
  • Kirby 9/10
  • BUMP 10/10
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Do you want me to add pictures?

Pls actually put some feedback on this

where is the code-checking system


Decent Guide but here is something.

This Guide is a bit short, so you might want to add more. (I see that you will add more pictures soon.)

What would I use this guide for? Is this to generate codes for like a safe or something else? Maybe clarify your guide a little.


Half finished? next time you haven’t finished a guide pls either save it to drafts or google docs