Pressing backspace a lot of times after you pick multiple items deleted

I was deleting some of the stuff with multi-delete tool (drag your mouse to any prop, can be more than one) and i found out that if you press backspace twice, 2 popups will appear warning if you want to delete these props. Every time you press backspace with the multi-delete tool, the background gets darker and darker. If you click “Yes”, the props erase but you still have the popups. If you keep pressing yes, it’ll just go away and do nothing, just like the “No” button after you click “Yes”. This is a funny troll if your friend is near you and he becomes inactive.

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let me try this

oh wow

yeah that’s pretty annoying

probably wouldn’t darken on your friends side, but still

do you want me to make a bug report on the Gimkit Discord? Josh checks there often.